Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am not erasing this blog because I am not trying to erase my past. Today I turned 31. 30 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my life. 31 is looking hopeful. We'll see where it goes from here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Quiz

There is a fun Ethan Allen style quiz here that How About Orange posted.

my style is country house

The verdict is in—your style is County House. Country House is a timeless world rooted in history. Inspired by the grand houses of Europe. Confident layering of pattern, texture, color, and shape. As if carefully collected over many years. For the antique lover with a taste for modern comfort.

This online portfolio shows your style. Brought to life in rooms. A subtle mix of furniture, accessories, and attitude. Different “looks.” Because every home should be unique. Come see.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, my niece Addison turns three this week! 
Which also (coincidently) marks the anniversary of my 

I found this at a garage sale in need of a little TLC. 

I added some leftover paint from the master bedroom, some leftover touch-up paint for the walls, and a little hippy loving.

I found the doilies I used for rugs at Ikea, the painted wooden decals at Michael's, and I made the curtain out of a quilting square piece from Hancock Fabrics. I then proceeded to use my glue gun to bolt it all down. 

I also got some cute wooden furniture and dolls at Michael's, but sadly they did not make it into the photo shoot in the driveway. 

Yay for deadlines like birthdays or we all know this would have sat in my garage half painted until I graduated! 

In the mushy portion of this post I will briefly note that while going through birthday photos I noticed my sweet baby is gone. However, I can hardly wait to hear about what she thinks about things. I learned today that she does not like grass in the pool and that glue sticks do not make good lipgloss. Seriously, is there anything better than watching someone figure out the world? 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring 2010

I think I should begin this post by stating that I am a shameless hussy of a bragger about my flowers. Now that it is getting so hot and most have faded I am reliving theirs and mine days of glory back in April.

The roses made me want to cut down my trees *gasp* so they could be seen by everyone.

I was a bad flower mommy and took the pictures of the bride's bouquet a week too late.

Stupid blogger will not let me rotate this picture. It caused me bad half hour before I realized that amaryllis still look good sideways.

The hollyhocks are the best thing ever to pop up in the garden. It was here when we moved in, and I have had the most fun waiting to see what came up next.

Cape jasmine. I have never done a thing to it other than abuse it with neglect.

I took a lot of pictures this year thinking they will help us if we decide to sell our home next year. We also sodded the bare spots in the grass and covered the entire lawn with top soil and Dillo dirt. The grass has been growing like crazy and I hope it does not get too hot this summer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making the Cut

I do not wear a watch. I know my schedule in my head. Ot at least, I used to be able to mentally keep my schedule. But now I have an internship with clients, a house cleaning job, a volunteer/job, a waiting tables job, and 2 classes. 

Something needs to go before it is my mind.

A friend told me just to do it. Just make a cut and get it over with and not waste time thinking about it any longer. So today I asked the restaurant to cut back a shift so I had no doubles there at least. 

It might take a week or two, but I am hoping this will help. I do not know what else to cut, but when I am waiting for Spring Break to get the house clean something needs to go!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hard copy

At long last, the bound copy of J's thesis arrived. Naturally, I had a photo shoot with our copy.

It is just so cool. J wrote a book for all intents and purposes. I washed and sometimes folded all the under-roos he wrote it in, so naturally I not so secretly hoped I would have a place in the university library (not to mention my bitchin photo shoot with the book).

I know, that my one reader is waiting with baited breath after my post here regarding his thesis writing. Below is what I saw when he finished it. I thought it was classic J and said so much in 3 little words.

But the man is even lovelier than I thought. Isabelle agreed and demanded her stamp in the book more literally.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In a blizzard, always keep your huskies close!

We had a whole inch of snow, and I could not resist taking a picture of St. Francis and his little birds. The only thing I could wish for was that I had gotten the picture while it was actually snowing - then he might have had a little cap of snow on his head.

It was Huckleberry and Isabelle's first big snow and this is how they chose to spend it.
I wish I could make fun of them, but their sleepiness infected J & I and all four of us spent the afternoon warding away frostbite.

It was a nice half day off to catch up on sleep and spend together!
Yay for snow in Texas!